Next Steps

Water Baptism

Water Baptism is commanded for everyone who turns to follow Jesus as Lord and Savior.

Connect Class

This class will strengthen your relationship with Jesus and introduce you to the vision and values of Bethel. There are 4 lessons on Biblical foundations and spiritual family, which are required to become a member and serve in the church.

Areas of Service

Once you become a member you will have many different opportunities to serve during Wednesday or Sunday services.

Life Group

Life Groups foster relationships, spiritual growth, and discipleship, as well as empower leaders to help others follow Jesus.

Experiencing Spiritual Freedom

Experiencing Spiritual Freedom (ESF) is a dynamic interactive time for learning how to walk in spiritual freedom and victory.

Be 1 Discipleship Training

Be 1 Discipleship Training will help you engage in basic spiritual ministry. Learn how to share your faith, help someone follow Jesus, and start a Life Group.

Bethel School of Discipleship (BSD)

BSD provides courses in discipleship and Biblical studies designed to build strong believers who are equipped to make disciples.